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Most of us form simple preference to intimate reasons, desire a hair free or a smooth less hairy skin. Body hair unlike facial hair are designed for much tougher conditions, this however varies from area of skin, skin type, direction of hair, length of hair etc.

Waxing is suitable option for body hair for some simple and obvious reason

Tougher body skin accumulates lot of dead skin and waxing can help remove this dead skin
Waxing is very quick, making it suitable for hair removal in large areas like arms, legs, back etc
Waxing is not very accurate and this flaw is not critical while dealing with body hair
Body hair is generally long and strong - perfect for waxing

Regular waxing can result in reduction in quality and quantity of hair growth.

At Miracle Browz, we have different types of wax (hot wax, Organic natural sugaring wax) to suit the needs of every skin type and every individual. We also provide a complete consultation to suggest the best suitable option for you.

We suggest taking an appointment for waxing faster service.



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What is Threading



Long lasting

Extremely Accurate

Natural, safe & hygienic

Suitable for all skin types

No it’s not tweezing, plucking, waxing, electrolysis, ipl or laser- Its Threading or better known as eyebrow threading and now professionally offered by Miracle Browz. A natural and chemical free, facial hair removal service; threading is perfect for facial hair and suitable for all hair and skin types. Threading can give amazing results for eyebrows, upper lip, lower lip, chin, sideburns or cheeks and neck. This depilation treatment removes all hair from the follicle leaving behind a very smooth skin. 

Threading vs Waxing